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They said to the woman, "We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world."
John 4:42


I've become convinced that God is good!

This may sound strange coming from someone who's been a follower of Jesus, for many years. But most of that time my view of God - what God's like, how God acts - was clouded. These days it's as though I've finally opened my eyes. God is not only all-powerful, God is not only all-knowing, God is also all-loving. And that has massive consequences for the fate of all of humanity.

So what's the best possible news?

Simply that God is already at peace with you and the rest of the world. Even better, God is not counting your sins against you, nor against the rest of the world.

Too good to be true?

Read on...

He loves each and every person He's created, and will ultimately rescue each and every one from sin and its effects, and bring each and every one into a perfect relationship with Him and with everyone else. Like all good parents, God doesn't play favourites with his children.

God is already at peace with the world because he offered Jesus, a perfect man, as a sacrifice for sin. God no longer counts people's sins against them.

This goes against most of what you hear from many religious folk, but you can read all about it in 2 Corinthians 5:18-19. The main reason people reject this, even though it's right there in the Scriptures, is because they like to think they've somehow done something to earn God's favour.

On the right, you'll find links to small parts of the Bible with an easy-to-understand discussion of what they mean. I'll be showing how God's plan was always to rescue everyone who's ever lived and died, including you, and even more amazingly, me. (If you knew me, you'd know why that was so amazing.)

This site is

  • an attempt to help you see that despite what you may have heard from some religious types, God is good! and everything he does is motivated by his love
  • a plea for you to search the Scriptures for yourself
  • made firstly for those who those who hate Jesus, or worse, couldn't care less about him, but also for those who already follow Jesus
  • able to be copied and sent to whoever you like

This site is not

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For those interested, the parts of the Bible are from the New International Version © 2011. The NIV often does a terrible job of translating the original scriptures, but everyone seems to have it, so it'll do for now. If you want a super-good translation, get the Concordant Literal Translation from the Concordant Publishing Company.